Dissertation - Identification of suspects and undocumented migrants by law enforcement agencies
Proefschrift - Identificatie van verdachten en illegale vreemdelingen door opsporingsdiensten

Dear reader, 

 For a study on the process of identifying suspects and undocumented migrants in the judicial chains, I request the cooperation of people working for law enforcement agencies all over the world.

When the police arrests a suspect after violating the law, they must determine the true identity of this person, both in an administrative way and in a biometric way.  Once the police have captured and arrested a suspect, how do they determine his true identify ?

  • by the name and adress he gives  ? 
  • by his identity document (though I believe it is not needed to carry that with you in al countries)  ? 
  • by taking a photo/fingerprints and comparing that to a database  ? 
  • what dabases are available for the police to check a suspect's identity  ?  

    1. Is an appropriate procedure or process description available?
         a. how is this process organized?
         b. what characteristics make up the identity of the suspect?
    2. what are the uncertainties when you try to identify the person ?
    3. What official would/should tell me more about this?
         a. it is possible to distinguish between the various forms of law such as criminal law, immigration law, etc..

    This personal investigation may take a few years to finish and as for now there are only a few general questions. When I have received all the answers, you will be asked for more details by e-mail or phone.  

My list of countries is (at the moment)  within Europe: Belgum, Germany, Macedonia (former Yougoslavia), Autria, Poland and United Kingdom and outside Europa: China, Dutch Antilles, Nigeria, Surinam and United States. So if you have specific information about these countries or work ther, please inform me.

Join the discussion.

Thanks for your coorporation ,  

Clemens Willemsen